BBB Press publishes original artworks in book and folio form, e-books, artists books and illustrated books as limited editions usually of 100, and usually each numbered and signed by the artist.

BBB Press also publishes e-books, which at present are only in a coded form and hence are only available in a www format. All e-books are intended to be published in a distributable form throughout the coming months.

All our publications are designed, prepared for print and, in most cases handbound, in-house. All e-books are designed, coded and uploaded onto the internet by BBB Press. This applies also to this website.

We are currently based in Hampshire in the UK wilderness, on the outskirts of Farnborough, 'Home of the Arms Trade'. We have agents abroad in Delhi, India and Sydney, Australia.

BBB Press is essentially a non-profit publisher where one-hundred percent of any surplus is distributed between the artist or author and future production projects.

BBB Press was founded in 1995 and is owned and managed by artists.

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